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To reminisce the old days and continue the everlasting ties, the Army Institute of Law had its Annual Alumni Meet on 11th November 2017. The Alumni Meet was organised in the college premises and was graced by the presence of alumni from various batches and from different parts of the country. It was an event filled with exhilaration, made a success with the dedication and diligence of faculty members and students.

The event began with a warm welcome to the alumni by a flash mob in the Atrium, after that the alumni were ushered to the Multi Purpose Hall which was emblazoned with black and golden decor. The event was inaugurated by lightning of lamp ceremony by Principal Dr. Tejinder Kaur and three alumni Mr. Damanbir Sobti (Batch 2005), Mrs. Anudeep Kaur Bhatti (Batch 2008) and Mr. Anil Mehta (Batch 2008), in the honoured presence of Col. Gurkirat Singh (SO to Chairman), Col. Harbinder Singh (Registrar, AIL) and Col. Jagdish Singh Chander (Addl. Registrar and Placement Officer). 

The cultural event commenced with a welcome dance devoted to Lord Krishna by Preyoshi Bhattacharjee (Ist Year). It was followed by a startling singing performance by Mriganka Bhakay ( IVth Year), a soul-stirring Shayari by Aaryan (IInd Year) that filled everyone with nostalgia and a fusion of various dance forms in the end which enthralled the audience. To apprise the alumni about the laurels that their alma mater has achieved over the years, a presentation was given by Mannat Mehta (IIIrd Year),another repertoire was a documentary on the life of an AILian prepared by ‘Awesome Shantanu’ (IInd Year).

To enlighten the juniors with the experiences of their seniors and more importantly to provide a platform for alumni and student communication, three interactive sessions were conducted where the alumni shared their experiences and gave valuable guidance to the students about career prospects. An advice which was given by the all alumni in accord was that these five years are the golden years in every AILian’s lives and one should make the most out of them. Afterwards they were given mementoes as a token of love.

The meet ended with a vote of thanks by fifth year students to the alumni and a promise was made to meet again on 10th November 2018, the next Alumni Meet.  

Written By
Upasana Dahiya
 III Year

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and do not reflect the views and opinions of the Blog.


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