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College is the place where students are nurtured towards becoming responsible and productive members of the society. College provides a means of moulding students into capable professionals in their chosen fields. However, one thing which cannot be ignored in the curriculum of College is physical education which encourages students to have an active lifestyle and experience various facets of life including winning, losing, and teamwork. 

Army Institute of Law, Mohali conducted its three days long Sports Day Celebrations from 24th October with a variety of sporting events that included football, basketball, Kho-Kho, volleyball, athletics, table tennis and tug of war. Students from the different years were grouped into teams. The five teams included the Boss Babies (1st Year), Nagarpalika Wale (2nd Year), Satya Ke Aadmi (3rd Year), Silent Spartans (4th Year), Pushkin And Friends (5th Year). The occasion was honoured by the presence of respected Principal Ma’am, Registrar Sir and all the faculty members. 

Bright posters were made, music systems were set up, strategies formed; in short, the level of exhilaration was at its peak. After all, there was nothing to lose; either you win or you learn. The entire AIL Family was actively involved in the various multifarious activities of the day. The afternoons of the first day and the next couple of days were spent in volleyball, basketball, football and Kho-Kho. Pushkin And Friends (5th Year) emerged as the winners in football and volleyball (men’s category), while basketball was won by Silent Spartans (4th Year) in men’s category and Pushkin And Friends (5TH YEAR) in women’s category. 

Volleyball was won by Satya Ke Aadmi (3rd Year) in women’s category. Kho-Kho saw the emergence of by Satya Ke Aadmi (3rd Year) while Pushkin And Friends (5th Year) seized the day in table tennis. The herculean game of tug of war was won by the Boss Babies (1st Year) and Pushkin And Friends (5th Year) in women’s and men’s categories respectively. The final day had also witnessed athletics early in the morning which included 100 metres, 200 metres and relay races. There were various sports activities organized for the faculty members and the administrative staff of AIL too, which witnessed active and enthusiastic participation by all of them. 

Participation and the vehement feeling of sportsmanship emanating from the entire AIL family is what made this Sports Day a huge success.

Written By:
Nishant Sharma  & Rahil Setia
Ist Year

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Blog.


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